March 5, 2009

That elusive WILD card

I don't know what this show is doing to me right now.  They are going crazy this season!  At first I wasn't sold on this whole Road to the Top 12.  I'm in it to win it now, though.  But this wild card round is nuts!  Another 8?  Not even another 9?  I am kinda glad that the judges are picking the final three, though.  I think that adds an element of NOT STUPID to the whole thing.  From jump, I'm rooting for ANOOP AND MATT.

01 Jesse Langseth, singing "Tell Me Somethin' Good" - Interesting choice for her.  It's starting off a little strange for me.  It's too funky of a song, in my humble opinion.  I liked it better on the bluesy "Bette Davis Eyes" - where the good melody wasn't residing with the backup singers.  Anyone?  I agree with the classic Randy: just ai'ght for me.  Kara's right, too, though: Jesse's got a cool, soul vibe.  It's nice that she gave Simon some RESPECT, because he was nice to her.  I don't think she's 1/3.  Too bad, Jess.

02 Matt Giraud, singing "Who's Loving You" - Good start, Matt.  I love his voice.  I love that he is SINGING.  Ooh.  Boy can get up and go, that's for sure.  He's like a white Ray Charles.  I'm a fan.  But I've been biased since "Georgia On My Mind."  Hello.  The judges are right - he is so benefitted by going back to the bluesy feel.  My vote is thus: IN!

03 Megan Joy Corkrey, singing "Black Horse and the Cherry Trees" - She looks like she sings.  I'm a fan of her rocking the red lipstick with the tattoo sleeve. :)  I think this is a cool song for her very unique voice.  I still do not love her "dancing."  There's just something about this chick.  Simon's right: we don't get the karaoke vibe from her.  Just cool.  

04 Von Smith, singing "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" - Something about this kid just kinda weirds me out; I can't help it.  I think he can sing, but I don't like him tonight as well as I did earlier this week.  He's not singing well tonight.  If I was a judge, he wouldn't get my vote.  Oops.

05 Jasmine Murray, singing "Reflection" - I think Jasmine is precious.  I also think she can sing.  I love that she's singing this song, but it doesn't sound like Mulan.  I also like that she powered through most of the song and then knocked it back a notch at the end.  Get it, girl.    

I can do without the bickering between Paula and Simon.  Paula just cannot let it go, and I don't understand.  Just stop it, Crazy!

06 Ricky Braddy [Bobby], singing "Superstition" - This is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs!  It just makes me want to dance.  If only he wasn't distracting me with his leggings... I do love his voice, and I think he's got a really cool performance going on tonight.  It's much different than his last song.  I like that he's bringing the funk.  I wholeheartedly agree with Kara: You can sing your butt off!  This is maybe the first time this season that I wholeheartedly DISagree with Simon and Randy - they didn't like the song choice, but I think it was rockin!

07 Tatiana Del Toro, singing "Saving All My Love For You" - WHY THE HECK IS SHE HERE?!  I cannot take the drama.  The squinty eyes and the crying and the loving all of does not resonate with me.  She's got a pretty good voice, but I think there are better singers.  Plus, she's sung this song twice? -Because she couldn't learn a new song in a day?  Like all the other contestants?  Cheater.  HOLY COW, WHY CAN'T SHE JUST BE QUIET?   

08 Anoop Desai, singing "My Prerogative" - I love Anoop.  I love him singing this song, even though he's already sung this one, too?  What is up with that?  At least we get to hear him sing all of it.  He just rocks.  WORK IT.  That boy can sing, y'all.  And look at his sweet face!  I don't know why Simon called him "not the greatest singer we're gonna hear."  Psh.  Randy and Kara are right - he killed that song.  My vote: IN.   

And the RESULTS: 
Sorry Ricky Bobby.  I'll miss you.
Goodbye Tatiana.  I will not miss you.  I'm sorry.
- Uh, there is not enough room for Anoop and Matt.  I'm nervous. - 

Okay now it's gonna be hard from here on out!  Wow me, people.  I am waiting to be wowed.  

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Jackie Sue said...

If you are looking to be sorry, you are stuck with me :) I am soooo glad that the drama mama/lama is gone!! She was a case. As for the rest of one stands out to me yet. I'm just not feeling it :)