March 10, 2009

American Idol - Top 13

So a Michael Jackson week, you say?  I don't know about that.  Who can rock those songs?  Let's see, kids.  

01 Lil Rounds - "The Way You Make Me Feel"  I love this song.  I think she's singing it pretty well (and of anyone, she can probably pull it off the best), but I'm just not feeling it the way I normally do.  Ooh.  I changed my mind.  Wait for it...she's kickin' it now.  Randy liked it.  Kara said it right - she is crazy good.  Paula of course thinks she looks nice and soft - what?  Simon said that the second half was better than the first and he hates what she's wearing - DITTO.  She's still my BFF.

02 Scott MacIntyre - Oh, the Von Trapp family singers...  "Keep The Faith"  Sometimes he's good.  But most of the time, I just feel like he just doesn't have the chops.  I like that he can play.  He can sing, but he doesn't always hit the note for which he's aiming.  That's sort-of a deal breaker for me, I'm sorry America.  And I'm sorry to my high school voice teacher, who loves him and his voice.  But he just learned that piano this week.  That's pretty good.   And y'all, if Paula says "magical" one more time, I think I might cry.  

03 Danny Gokey - "P.Y.T." I like the vibe at the beginning.  I like the whole vibe.  I wasn't sure he could pull off MJ, but I just got a little bit of the goosebumps.  I love his gravelly voice on this song.  And I would like to point out to the world that his pitch is SPOT ON.  I want to love you, Danny Gokey.  Is Paula crying?  Stop it.  I agree with Simon - the vocals are BRILLIANT, but the dancing is hideous.  Aw, I love Kara - she thinks he's just got JOY when he sings.  So true.

04 Michael Sarver - "You Are Not Alone"  This is such a pretty melody.  I think it's the best MJ song for him.  It's not doing a whole lot for me, but I'm glad he picked a song that he can just sing.  He had a couple weird notes, but overall I think he's precious.  I'm glad the judges like him.  I do, too. 

Is anyone offended if I say that I fast-forward through everything Paula says?

05 Jasmine Murray - "I'll Be There"  I forgot about this song.  I think of it as a Mariah song.  I might forget about it again in a few minutes...I think she's precious and she can sing pretty well, but she's got a habit of just pushing some of it out too hard and it goes flat.  Yikes.  The judges are just a little underwhelmed, I think, as am I.  Awkward.

06 Kris Allen - "Remember The Time"  I love that he's playing the guitar.  It adds a whole new level of cool that I didn't know he had.  I was pretty sure that "Man In the Mirror" was the only Michael song he could sing.  I think I may have been wrong.  He's not as good a singer as, say, Danny, but I think he worked the vibe.  He lost it vocally at the end, which is sad.  The squeaky scream is not sexy.  Aw, Kara said he spent a lot of time helping out the other contestants with the guitar.  That's sweet. 

07 Allison Iraheta - "Give In To Me"  I'm not super-familiar with this song, but I really like her rocker voice.  That girl is so young, but she can really work it.  The judges are right - she's just GOT IT.  

08 Anoop Desai - I just love this kid.  He is PRE-SHUS.  "Beat It"  This song is actually a little harder vocally than I thought at first.  Those intervals are killer, and I think he's too tired to quite hit them all.  I think he tried his best to rock it but it didn't quite make it.  But I really want him to stick around!  I'd also like to add that he said "Yes ma'am" to Kara.  Y'all.  

09 Jorge Nunez - "Never Can Say Goodbye"  I don't know this song.  The start was rough, but he gets better when he sings he higher.  Overall, it made me a little sleepy.  I like Jorge, and he can sing for sure, but I didn't feel the song.  Neither did the judges.  Sad. 

10 Megan Joy Cockrey - I love that she's a FONT editor!  That is so much fun.  "Rockin' Robin"  Interesting choice, for a solo.  Hello, 70's.  I think I like it.  She is like a pinup.  Is that weird for me to say about another chick?  I'm saaawry, but it's true.  Anyway, I'm a fan of her and the song.  The judges weren't such huge fans, but who cares about them?  (:   

11 Adam Lambert - "Black & White"  This is such a fun song.  It's not my favorite song for his voice, because he's such a screamer that I think he needs a rockin song.  But wait! - Now he turned on the strobe lights and had a Queen moment.  That was better.  But still, this is such an EASY (as in, easy to jam to) song, and it felt too forced for him.  Paula's going crazy over it - me, notsomuch.  Simon called an "entirely different league than anything else we've seen tonight," which is true, performance-wise.  It was different.  I didn't love it as much as the judges, but he did do it well. 

12  Matt Giraud - "Human Nature"  I love him playing the piano.  I think he had a cool vocal on this song.  Light and soulful.  It lost it with the pitch a little at the end for me, but I do love him.  He is talented.  I agree with the judges - just a solid performance.

I just paused because my sister challenged me to try and do a push-up in a handstand.  I can only halfway do it.  That is some tough stuff, and I'll probably be sore tomorrow.  

36 Alexis Grace - "Dirty Diana" I think this is a great song choice for this bluesy chick.  I. LOVE IT.  I think she totally rocked it.  The judges didn't feel it as much as I did, but I don't care.  

There's another change to the show that involves the judges?  And apparently we'll find out tomorrow...yet another ploy to make us watch tomorrow's show.  Which I will not do.  I can't handle the drama.  I hope Jasmine and Scott go home.  Or maybe Jorge.  That's my $0.02.


Jackie Sue said...

Enjoyed your take on things as always. Good luck on the push up thingy. Don't hurt yourself :) I wasn't really into the AI process until now, but I'm into now and I guess my fav is Adam as the one who could take the whole thing, but I love Danny as a person and is going to be an interesting season after all.(BTW, I can't believe you don't like Paula and yes I am so totally offended that you ff through her brilliant and AMAZING commentary! I just don't think we can be friends anymore)

Sherri's Southern Style said...

came over from BooMama's.
I watch it in real time, or I would Totally FF through Paula. I swear she was loaded last night!
I agree with most of your opinions!

Anonymous said...

Over from BooMama's - Hi!

Cracked me up that you ff thru Paula. I bet she looks even more drunk and goofy in ff mode. Maybe like an actual bird fluttering with that outfit she had on. LOL!