January 25, 2009

With an assist from Lea

I sometimes need a kick in the behind.  I cannot write to save my life lately.  It is a vicious cycle, ladies and gentlemen...not having anything to write about, then not writing, then having stuff to write about and not knowing how to say it, and then getting out of the habit.  So anyway, here I am today.  I haven't written anything since "Merry Christmas."  For SHAME.  

So I mentioned a cute boy who happened to have redesigned my blog.  That was a highlight of the Christmas season.  And see?  He is cute:

That's us at the wedding of the century, before we left town for the holidays.  It has been termed "wedding-palooza" because some friends of mine from church got married and asked our praise team to sing about 7 songs, total.  At first I thought it was a little much but it now marks not only the start of their life together, but the most fun we've ever had singing together.  I'm telling you, there was some worship happening, and it was awesome.  So anyway, there's that.  

I was home with my parents (and their parents) for the holidays and we actually had a little more drama than I find is really necessary for our family.  But we survived, and it was good times.  I received contributions towards my new favorite toy...a new MacBook.  It. Is. Delightful.  I'm thinking I want to get one of these.  Any thoughts? 

Ok and then after the holidays I had to go back to work.  It's not my favorite work.  I'm praying about that.  But it is a job, and make no mistake, I'm thankful to have it.  I've just been plugging along at that for a little while. 

Meanwhile, my favorite TV shows are all officially back on!  New episodes of The Office, Psych, and Burn Notice have been keeping me busy.  I was growing weary of holiday marathons.  Now, everyone pretty much loves The Office (right, Robyn?), but if you are reading this and have never seen Psych or Burn Notice, please do so right now.  Hulu is your friend.

More on Psych and Burn Notice later.  Probably with some American Idol thrown in there for good measure.  This has been rough.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Hopefully I'll get back in the swing of this soon.  (:  Leave some love if you'd like.