March 4, 2009

American Idol bandwagon - 36 Group 3

Here's something about me: I like having a schedule.  I like having a plan.  I dislike it when my schedule or plan gets whacked.  But something ELSE about me is that I LOVE my DVR.  So my American Idol notes will proceed as if we planned it a day late.  (:  

I have stayed away from all other synopses of this episode so that I am pure and unbiased.  Please tell all your friends.  (:  Anyway, I hope these people are good tonight.  My little nerdy crush (Alex) is in this bunch, and my BFF Lil'...  here's hoping they pick some good stinkin' songs!  

I would love a "Simon Cowell Week," by the way.  PLEASE pick our songs for us, Simon.  

01 Von Smith, singing "You're All I Need To Get By" - Hm.  Not a fan of the start.  Too low and shaky.  I don't really think he can pull off Marvin Gaye, to be honest.  But he does sound pretty when he hits those high notes, I will for sure give him that.  Overall, it wasn't too shabby but I don't think I liked it as much as the judges.  Haha, he reminds Simon of Clay Aiken... 

02 Taylor Vaifanua, singing "If I Ain't Got You" - She is an Amazon, y'all; she's so tall!  I think she's sweet.  I think she's doing well with this song!  She's got a little bit of The Spazz when she sings, but I think she sings well.  I appreciate that she didn't try and scream it, and she sang on pitch.  I love that Kara just said, "What's it like to go shopping with Taylor?"  By the way, I totally think that I would love shopping with Kara.  Simon doesn't get it because, well, he's a man.  She sang this during Hollywood week?  That's cheating.  I do think that Simon's right; it was a little lackluster.  

03 Alex Wagner-Trugman, singing "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" - I love this kid.  He's soooo cute.  And he can sing!  I love that he can sing but he DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IT.  I also love that he is hilarious.  I don't understand why he was "dancing."  Or growling.  Hahahahaha...he just dropped the mic stand.  That is unfortunate.  I wish he had JUST SUNG.  I think that's such a pretty melody, and he kinda jacked it up.  They're gonna eat him up, I think.  Aw...poor thing.  I agree with the judges.  But I love Kara - "At least you do you."  Amen.

04 Arianna Afsar, singing "The Winner Takes It All" - ABBA, woooo!  I think this is a pretty song.  Is she in rhythm?  It's hard to tell... I wish she didn't add so much vocal fluff, but man the girl can sing when she chooses to.  She loses it when she tries to push too hard.  It's better when she shows off her control.  Aw, judges...I think they're a TAD too hard on her, saying that it was the worst ever, but I kinda agree that it was a little boring.  And hello?  Paula?  We agree!  "Sometimes it's just better to stick to the melody."

05 Ju'Not Joyner, singing "Hey There Delilah" - I want his kid.  I think Danny's friend sang this song better.  Cooler.  I'm yawning a little right now.  He can sing, but why-oh-why did he make this song a ballad?  Psh.  Randy loved it.  Psh.  Kara liked his spin.  Psh.  It was boring!  Oh, Paula, no one cares what you say anymore, it's so sad.  Simon, my last hope for agreement, let me down again.  He liked it, too.  *Sigh*  I am overruled.   I do like that he said he just wanted to pay respect to the artist/song and sing the melody.  That is commendable, my friend.  

Coming up, the drama twins...I miss Kristen's cute red hair; she might be lying when she said "Oh I love Nathanial."  I don't, and I'm not lying. 

06 Kristen McNamara, singing "Give Me One Reason" - I think she's got a cool voice, but holy DOUBLE TIME!  I like her gritty voice, but I'm not a huge fan of her arrangement.  Ooh, but KEY CHANGE!  Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the first of Season 8.  Hello, cheese.  I don't understand why the judges are harping on her outfit, but I agree with their assessment of her rock genre...wrong song, but good voice.  

07 Nathanial Marshall, singing "I Would Do Anything For Love" - Meatloaf.  Remember when he sang with Katherine McPhee?  Awkward.  Oh, the drama...I am not a big fan of this guy.  Not my favorite voice, and coupled with the theatrics, I can just do without.    Oh my gosh, Simon: [I won't do that...] "Nathanial, I think you probably would!" Hilarious.  

08 Felicia Barton, singing "No One" - Oh, she's the one who slid in because that record deal girl got cut!  I think it's funny that there has been no talk of that.  I think she's doing pretty well, but it's just pretty basic for me.  She looked cool, though!  I'm glad the judges liked her, but I'm not confident she'll make it through.  

09 Scott MacIntyre, singing "Mandolin Rain" - I've never heard of this song.  Oh nevermind, I do know the melody.  I hope you don't hate me, but I don't like him.  And it's not because he's blind.  I think he has a passing relationship with the center of the pitch...I'm just not a fan of his voice.  He is totally rocking that vest, though.  Man the judges love him, and I just don't really get it.  And Kara said she wants America to see him play and sing at the same time, but we did that already, and I think he kinda ruined "Home" by Daughtry!  I don't understand, even Simon will be "amazed if he doesn't sail through to the next round."  I mean, he's a great guy, but I'm not feeling it, dawg.

10 Kendall Beard, singing "This One's For The Girls" - I think it's hilarious that she's from Texas and auditioned in Puerto Rico.  I love this song.  I know it's a little cheesy, but Martina? - She rocks.  And it's kind-of "my song" with some of the chicks I love at church.  So anyway, I'm totally glad she's singing it.  But I'm not totally glad that I don't love her singing it.  I love her yellow dress.  But I think she's just a tad flat on pretty much all of it.  Sorry babe.  And the judges and I are back on track - they agree with me!  Woo-hoo.  She's 100% country, and I'll go out on a limb and say that I'm 99.9% Sure (anyone know that song?!) she won't be back.  

11 Jorge Nunez, singing "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" - Aw, his Puerto Rican self is so cute!  I have never heard him sing before right now.  He's got a pretty voice!  I think he's rocking this song!  The judges like him, too.  I'm glad.  I like him.  He is SO. PRECIOUS.  

12  Lil Rounds, singing "Be Without You" - I have really only heard her sing briefly, but I LOVE her.  She looks SMOKIN', by the way.  She's a great performer; possibly the best out of all of them.  I just think she rocks.  So do the judges.  I'm quite happy.  

ALL THAT being said, I actually called and voted for Lil a few times last night.  Just because I had it on good authority that I should do so.  I'm so glad.  If I could vote again right now, I would do it again!  I would vote for Alex, too, just because I want to see him come back and not growl.  I'm conflicted about who my third wheel would be.  Everyone else is kinda plateaued for me.  Here goes nothing, America!  Ooh.  Just kidding.  I'd vote for Jorge.  

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