April 2, 2009

Customer service and street gangs

I would like to preface this entire post by saying that I like to talk the talk...but if you know anything at all about me, it is that I am very non-confrontational. But with THAT out of the way...

I don't know if you are aware, but there has been an absolute epidemic around here of customer NON-service. Within the last couple of weeks, I have encountered not one but three separate people who have experienced what we'll call customer service "nightmares" with three different companies. It all started with my pal Lea and the absolute TRAVESTY of customer service she and her eldest daughter experienced at Forever21. She is much better with all the words than I am, and you can read about it on Lea's blog in parts 1, 2, 3, with resolution in part 4. In response to the first episode, my friend and I decided that we would form a street gang to deal with people who have no concept of customer service (this was before we got all convicted in part 4). She even let it slip that she has a SCARF with SKULLS on it - because nothing says tough like a scarf. Don't we look awesome with our prison tats?
Nothing says tough like glitter, dresses, high heels, and an art show. Any applications for membership can be sent to me with the subject line "forNEVER."

So I'm telling you, the timing couldn't be better. The ink hadn't even dried on our charter when I encountered my very own customer service issues. Suffice it to say that I ordered a new garage door from Home Depot...two months ago. And I paid for it...two months ago. I was told it would take 2-4 weeks for installation. I gave it the full four weeks until calling my local HD. At first I encountered a very nice man who returned my phone calls and seemed to be helping. However, that appears to be all in vain because several of the deadlines he gave me have also been blown to smithereens, and now no one will return my calls. I left several messages at my local store I wrote a very clear letter to the HD Customer Care office this morning...all to no avail as of yet. We're getting ready to build a new deck out back. I'll be getting my lumber at Lowe's.

Anyway, at an emergency forNEVER lunch meeting this afternoon, I discovered that Meg's been having another run-around from a small company from which she was placing a very LARGE order for FSU! I mean, to everyone out there, if it's going to be 11 weeks, don't tell me it'll be 2 weeks and then keep upping the ante.

As part of our meeting, Meghan and I also established forNEVER's responsibility to shout good customer service from the rooftops. As the first: J.Crew, J.Crew, J.Crew. They have GREAT customer service. I shopped there twice the last time I was in Jacksonville, and I had a personal shopper who even remembered my name the second time I came in the store. They bent over backwards to make sure that I was taken care of. They get our recommendation from two highly stylish ladies. (:


Meghan said...

Shut your mouth... best. post. ever.

Meghan said...

I used to aspire to blog 1/2 as well as Lea. But if I could write 1/4 as well as you, I would be satisfied.

(Like that I posted back to back comments... just trying to bump your count up!)