April 9, 2009

This Friday is better than all the others

I'm so thankful for Good Friday.  I'm thankful for my church that leaves our sanctuary open all day for a time of quiet reflection.  I'm thankful that they make me remember.  I'm thankful that I get to pause without being sidetracked for at least a few moments on one afternoon.  I'm thankful that it's tradition to have lunch with my best girl friends and take the afternoon off of work so we can participate and reflect and talk amongst ourselves together.  I'm thankful for my friends who love me more than I deserve.  And mostly I'm thankful for a Savior who goes to indescribable lengths in pursuit of me.  And you.  Thank you, Jesus, for this Good Friday.  




lea said...

that is so much more spiritual that my blog post today... you win...

Jackie Sue said...

I'm thankful too. Have a wonderful day being thankful...all day long :)