April 27, 2008

My sister the graduate

This weekend my baby sister (she's my only sibling but I like to call her "baby" anyway) officially joined the elite group of individuals known as Florida State University Alumni.  Now, I talk a big game about the horrific idea of sitting through a college graduation, mostly because there's about 2500 people and it takes 3 hours.  I mean, I didn't go to mine, so why would I subject myself to that for someone else's glory?  However, since she made the smart decision to be a Psychology major, and they graduate on Friday night instead of Saturday morning, I was there for her.  (:  I actually surprised myself by having a good time.  Since, as I mentioned, I didn't actually "walk" in my graduation (please, College of Business graduates on said Saturday morning at 8:00AM...no, thank you) it was as if I was living vicariously through her pomp and circumstance.  All the academia can really go to your head.  I've started having thoughts of getting a Masters degree and even a Doctorate because they get those sweet hoods!  Who are we kidding?  Anyway, with the family in town it was a big party.  

Sitting on our front porch.  She's pretty.

The spread.  

Because THIS is what makes the boys wanna holler.  (:  

Amanda Leigh with our parents.

We came.  We conquered.  

This picture makes me laugh.  Not only because I think it was my first time actually getting in that proverbial fountain, but because we clearly didn't need to pull up our skirts that high.   

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3girlsmom said...

Amanda GRADUATED? Wow, talk about time flying. I feel like it was just yesterday that y'all were moving in together and she was a freshman. Dang.
And yes, the masters/doctorate hoods are sexy. BUt you don't get to wear them every day. So is it worth about $50K in student loans and a ton of work just to wear a really cool hood for 1 day? Stuff to think about.
I'm so stoked about San Antonio I can't even stand it.
We GOTTA talk soon and get hotel/dates/airlines taken care of. Important b/c plane tix will get more expensive the longer we wait.