April 15, 2008

American Idol bandwagon

I'm no Travis Cottrell, but now that I am hanging around Bloggyville, I couldn't resist a live update...  (:  

David A-it was okay, but c'mon, can I get him to stop singing the cheesy songs? It's just getting a little irksome that everyone keeps lapping him up. I mean, dang.

Carly-I am TIRED of this girl getting a bad rap. She's the bomb. I'm tired of her always getting the "just a'ight for me, dog" feedback. Plus, a Paula comment: she looked so pretty for once!

Syesha-I thought she kicked it bigtime. I love those runs.

Brooke-First, I wanted her to play the guitar like in the mentor vid. I miss those Carly Simon days. I think the piano playing made her nervous, though I give her credit for it. I couldn't do it. I also think she's HILARIOUS with her shoes. I kinda dig her version. I might download it from iTunes since they can take out the nervous.

*PAULA IS CRAZY: "You two look great together on stage right now." Who cares?

Kristy Lee-I want her gone. That being said, I happen to actually think this was one of her better nights. Maybe it was because the dress hid that horrible stance. I did have to close my eyes, though, so I just didn't have to watch her. I love Simon: "-Really? You didn't give me chills." (:

David Cook-It's hard for me to come back after the "give back" written on his hand last week, but seriously, I love his arrangements. "Always Be My Baby"? Hot! Not so much my favorite vocals when he's all down low like that, but still.
p.s. Did you see that huge drum set? That was cool.
p.p.s. He cried!

Jason-My little cutie (except for the shoes). I like the acoustic set. He's a little pitchy, which is a shame, because it's hard for me to hear past that, but I like that arrangement. Maybe, Randy, it's because I think I would like that crazy luau.

I think America will vote the bottom three: Syesha, Kristy Lee Cook (please?), and Brooke. Runner up is Carly. Who knows.

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