April 21, 2008

My girl George

So since it has been such beautiful weather here lately (yay, Florida!), I was hanging outside with my baby girl last night.  She is so cute, I just had to take some pictures.  It has been a while since we had a photo shoot, anyway.  I just thought I'd share.

This is how she tells me she's really ready for me to throw the ball.  She never lies down more than that; always ready to spring into action!

The face.  She uses this on me all the time.  TSNF!

A nice candid shot of her with a volleyball in her mouth.  And yes, it's tye-dyed (sp?).  

By the way, if I don't know you (ie, Robyn, you can't play), and you can tell me from where in literature I named my dog, you can be my best friend.  Trust me, people are lining up for this show, folks.  (:  


3girlsmom said...

i can't play? What? What? It's a contest I'm sure to win! No fair. Pout.

E-Dub said...

Okay, maybe I should clarify: you can play, but only if I haven't already told you the answer. (: