June 29, 2009


You know what I love? --A good gimmick.

Yesterday at church, my beloved pastor gave us a good word from James 1:26 - about keeping a lid on our smart mouths. He challenged each of us to go 24 hours without saying anything negative. We were each given a rubber band upon exiting that we are to wear on our wrists each day - and if we slip up, we're supposed to switch wrists. The object, of course, is to wear the band on one wrist for a full day. My favorite part of this whole "experiment" is that everyone is talking about it. At dinner tonight with friends, we were able to laugh and hold each other accountable (and maybe only change our rubber bands a few times). I've never had so much fun being held accountable. Try it!

1 comment:

beckyjomama said...

I LOVE this idea ... of course I may have to snap myslef before switching arms to get it through my thick skull! SOOOO gonna do it though!