June 2, 2009

Day 2

We finally made it to Chicago!  It's such a great city and I am LOVING IT.  Hop on over to the tour blog for a play-by-play (click the button, people).  

My favorite quote of the day is from our illustrious bus driver, Charles.  (Who, when I asked very politely if I might call him "Sir Charles" responded, "You can call me Charles.") : 
"I like everybody, but some people I just don't wanna be around."  

As a side note, we started Sonshine mail today, in which the kids and chaperones can write encouraging notes to other peeps.  I may or may not have gotten a little teary over some of our GREAT kids...  

And here is perhaps my favorite picture from our architectural cruise his evening (during which we FROZE, fyi).


3girlsmom said...

You did NOT tell me that June and Grady are on the trip, too.
I'm considering not talking to you ever again.
Pam, Lea, Becky Liner, and now June & Grady?
It hurts.

Jackie Sue said...

You can call me Sir Charles :) So glad you are having a great time. Cold, huh? That would be a fun switch

Anonymous said...

3girlsmom - it ain't so bad. You aren't there, 3daddy isn't there, I'm not there. Just how good can it be?

The director's husband.