June 9, 2009

My Chicago

I realize I was in Chicago (or at the very least, on the youth choir tour) for 7 days, and I only gave my frillions of readers 5 days' worth of posts. That could be because life falls apart when Lea exits my life. I spent almost every moment of the first five days with my friend, and then when she left EARLY on Saturday morning from Chicago is when it all started to go awry for me. Amber and I did the final room check that morning before we left Moody and we told all the girls it was at 8:45AM. We were ready early and sat around in our room making sure to give the girls adequate time to ready themselves. Everything went well and all was ship-shape. That is, however, until we realized (when The Director texted me) that we were supposed to LOAD THE BUS at 8:45. Room check was to have been at 8:30. Chaperone FAIL. Anyway, we traveled to Nashville that day and sang for The Next Door that evening. Those women were SO gracious and sweet and I wish I could have stayed. That evening we stayed at the Comfort Inn. Lights out at 11:00PM with a wake-up call at 5:30AM. I do love a scheduled 6hrs of sleep. (: However, The Director and I got an extra hour on account of the face that when the light switch is turned off in that particular hotel, none of the electrical outlets work. We didn't know that when I plugged in my cell phone charger to the phone that had our alarms on it. Needless to say, it did not charge and in fact DIED. Luckily our Crew Chief called The Director's cell phone 15 minutes before it was time to load the bus. We had the privilege of riding on the bus all day and giving our home concert with no showers. De-lish! (: Lea is never allowed to leave early again.

Anyway, it turned out all right in the end. Lea and I were still able to dance in the balcony while the kids were singing their last fun song. Good times!

I've thought a lot about why I have loved this trip so much, aside from the people who played a big part in my adoration. Here's what I've got so far: The Director, at each and every concert, turned around to the audience and told them that we were all there to sing about God's love for them. In nursing homes and rehab facilities and homeless shelters and half-way houses and cerebral palsy care facilities, they were told simply that GOD LOVES THEM. It brought to life the meaning that Jesus came to care not for the well, but for the sick. I'm so happy to have been able to experience even a small part of ministering to people on the fringes that even Christians have a hard time dealing with. Thank you for praying for us and for following along.

Here are two more of my favorite trip quotes, since I must finish what I started:
"I need to drop a duty."
"I have been watching you this whole trip and I think you're beautiful. May I please have my headphones back?"

And some of my favorite pictures from the trip for your enjoyment:

Ferris wheel at the Navy Pier

Just a fun picture of some fun kids

Some of my favorite chaperones (at the Navy Pier)

I love this kid as my kin. I always wanted a brother.
Matching sunglass provide a photo op if nothing else. (:
Fun with my girls!

Why, yes, I do love bribery.

At United Cerebral Palsy

Skipping up Michigan Avenue!

Trying to choose my favorite miniature room at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Millie and me hanging out with the Monet. Yum.


lea said...

i LOVE it that your life falls apart without me... i am SO much like Jesus in that way....

quinn said...

What are you talking about...i AM your kin. Geez woman that hurts