August 24, 2008

Not your average fiesta...

...but a FIESTA nonetheless!

It's always a bittersweet moment when something you've been waiting on for so long is just...over. Life is but a breath and what-have-you, and the Siesta Fiesta is now just a memory. I'm having trouble right now deciding what to include in this post. I have what may soon be considered a good story about the flight to Texas. But that just might take up valuable space on a post in which I want to talk about so many other things. I could talk about how I was nervous about branching out "on my own". But that's boring, and plus, I am an heiress so we have no use for insecurity any longer.

I think instead I'd like to chat about how pleasantly surprised I am by the weekend. Nothing ever happens as expected, so I suppose I should stop expecting certain things from my Savior. I, along with I AM SURE about a frillion other people, got a good swift kick in the pants from God, through sweet Beth this weekend. It was a shot-out good time, and I needed it so badly. I am one of those people that needs processing time after hearing something deep. So I may be able to nutshell some of what Beth talked approximately 3 years. It was so good. Why is God just SO SWEET to me sometimes? Even when I am so dumb and I have to hear things eighty-four times before they even begin to sink in, He chooses to be nice to me. Just nice. We are not a mystery to Him, and He knows what we need. I might have to go on about that later.

I made friends this weekend. I went to a pajama party with a bunch of bloggers. Let's be honest, I wasn't sure it was my cup o' tea. A land unknown is not often a fun time for me. But y'all, it was HILAAAAARIOUS. Even without my sidekick for the weekend, I met people I didn't know before! And they were nice! And fun! And funny! And we are SO best friends now. Sorry about your luck, Annie, Jackie Sue, and Kathy. (Jackie Sue, your perch on the best friend list is precarious after you posted the breakdancing picture...something to work on for you...) Also, I met BigMama and BooMama. They are total rock stars and I heart them a lot.

Anyway, I love everyone but I have got to sleep. A weekend like this, no one gets any sleep. And I supposedly have to be at work on time tomorrow. Here's hoping!


Groovewoman said...

E-dub... i saw your comment on LPM blog and I wanted to drop by real quick and say "It was so good to meet you" this weeekend. I know it was for a VERY brief moment while you were telling us about you new name. I will come back later today to read your full recap of the Siesta Fiesta!

(oh I was the one with Pink Hair)

Jill said...

so I caught a glimpse of that pose, but who knew it would end up on the www. so good for you. I loved the whole post. hope you made it to work on time.

AnnieBlogs said...

Congrats on us finding each other. It was bound to happen.

Jackie Sue said...

Hey! You posted! I am so way proud. Your George is a rock star. Once you told me her name I immediately remembered the whole Nancy Drew thing. BTW my 3rd daughter is Davie Anne...Anne with an e and everything. I loved the part of the story where Marilla realized they needed Anne as much as she needed them...My Davie Anne is adopted and I knew that would be the case for us too. Anyway, might be tmi considering how precarious my bff status is, but just thought I'd share. When are you coming to Orlando??? :)

3girlsmom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look!!!!!

You're addicted now. I've created a monster, I'm afraid. :)

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hey Erin!

Before you stone me because we didn't cab together, I have to tell you that I came to the RiverCenter and used the phone in the lobby to call your room...but no answer. So please don't be mad! I just know you are plotting my death for that...LOL!

Seriously, it was so good to meet you this weekend. Wish we could all hang out like this waaaaaay more!