August 29, 2008

I cannot believe my eyes

Oh, the joys of working on a college campus...

It was 12:30PM.  The sun was shining, and I was taking a nice little walk across the courtyard back to my office.  As I looked up, I noticed a pair of plaid pajama pants walking in the opposite direction.  Bad enough, but my annoyance soon changed to outright dismay as I continue to notice said plaid pajama pants are on a male, with no shirt on.  It was just hung over his shoulder like he couldn't be bothered with, you know, clothing himself.  I just don't get it.  Plaid pajama pants.  He was outside in broad daylight.  On campus.  There were PEOPLE around.

Happy Labor Day weekend.  Here's hoping no actual labor has to take place. (:

1 comment:

Jackie Sue said...

Young whippersnapper! What WAS he thinking??? Oh wait, they don't think at that age...they just are :) Hope you had a great weekend!