August 18, 2008

Muscle Control

To my great pleasure, I happened to catch the women's Olympic trampoline finals this evening. I am a fan of anything that involves tricks. I love the trampoline. And, in my shortest post of the year, I would only like to add that I would give each of those ladies a gold medal for not wetting their leotards. I am IMPRESSED.


Jackie Sue said...

Hey! Yes I totally did it. hahaha! I LOVE YOUR DOG! Oh, I mean, I hate your dog. It is totally ugly. Like gross. Stupid dog. Seriously, is it a yellow lab or a mix...I cannot joke, it is BEAUTiFul!!! Hope you got home ok. I'm in Atlanta. Yipee. Hoping to make it home by midnight tonight. Thanks for making me laugh this weekend. You'd be welcome at my house anytime. Take care.

Jackie Sue said...

Ok, wait, I'm back. I just read through your favorite and I are kindred spirits for sure. I LOVE Anne of Green Gables. I smiled at your movie selections too. And your opinion of CS Lewis. My Sarah says the same thing. You are just a good kid, aren't you Edub??? :)