February 8, 2009

TV weekend

And now, I would like to comment on the Grammy's.  

Starting with, "Let's Stay Together."  Al Green, I love you.  And you've still got some CHOPS!  

And of course, now my TV isn't working, and I get no picture.  I will try my hardest-best not to throw something.  Thankfully I can still get the sound, enough to be listening to Carrie Underwood right now.  It's really too bad that girl can't sing.  Seriously.  She is one of my favorite singers ever.  But I wish she had sung a less...shall we say...trampy song.  But still.  The girl is out of control good!

And now, for my soapbox.  I like Sugarland, I do.  They are a mystery to me, since the way she sings drives me a little nuts but I LOVE all their songs.  But I am so angry that they won a Grammy for that song.  I hate that song.  Sure, the melody is pretty, but she is singing about being the "other woman."  Why is that okay?  Stink.  I love Lady A the best and I'm sad they didn't win.  I would've been ok with Rascal Flatts, too.  But whatever.  Sugarland...  you cut me deep, Shrek.  

Okay and my cable is officially freaking out.  I've got nothing right now.  But I still haven't thrown anything, so I consider my evening a success.  

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