February 25, 2009

American Idol bandwagon - 36 Group 2

Live blogging, here we go: (How's THAT for a fancy intro?)

01 Jasmine Murray, singing "Love Song" - bless her heart for sticking through Hollywood week with the CRAZIES.  The girl's got some chops, for sure.  I didn't totally love the song, but I thought she did pretty well.  I love the original, but it was just kinda strange.  

- Also, I'd like to add that I think Crazy Paula is back.  And stop boo-ing Simon! - 

02 Matt Giraud, singing "Viva La Vida" - I cannot get over his "Georgia On My Mind" performance.  YUM.  I really like his voice.  I think it's hard to take that Coldplay song and really rock it.  I don't know that I believe it was the best for his soulful voice, but it wasn't terrible.  (Yes, Kara just spoke my mind.  Boo-yow.)

03 Jeanine Vailes, singing "This Love" - Holy legs!  She sounds pitchy.  I'm not feeling it.  Also, I'm not a big fan of watching her sing, with the flailing.  Kinda crazy for me.   That's all I've got. 

- And plus, I have so say that I think Ryan is so cute.  I love his outfit. - 

04 Norman Gentle (Nick Mitchell) - SERIOUSLY, why is he on here?  One of my BFFs LOVES Nick/Norman.  You think you know a girl...  But for reals, I think he is funny and absolutely insane.  And really, hot a completely horrible singer, but there's no way he should be on this show.    

05 Allison Iraheta, singing "Alone" - She seemed a little, uh, nuts in her interview?  Bless her, she's so young.  They're calling her the Dark Horse...I'll be the judge of that.  (:  It is BRAVE to rock a Heart song, especially on the first night!  OOh.  And I think she IS rocking it!  Holy moly!  How is it possible that she has that kind of vocal prowess?  I loved it.  Okay.  And Paula just said that she worked the microphone stand?  What the heck does that even mean?  Oh well.  Get it, girl!

06 Kris Allen, singing "Man In The Mirror" - Uh, oh, with the MJ...I'm nervous.  Like Ricky Bobby, I've never heard this guy sing before.  I think he's super cute, and he's got a good stage presence.  I think if he was going to sing Michael, it was the best song for him.  Not terrible.  I really can't believe that Simon liked it that much.  I'm more inclined to agree with...Kara.  I do like him.

07 Megan Corkrey, singing "Put Your Records On" - I love this song.  And I loved her in the auditions, and I do remember her.  I hope she does it well.  She has such an interesting voice to me, and I really like it, oddly enough.  I just think she's so cute, and I think it's awesome that she rocks those tattoos.  Sorry, mom. 

08 Matt Breitzke, singing "If You Could Only See" - I think he is precious.  He's a tad bit awkward on stage, but maybe it's just because of the pauses in this song where he's not singing.  I don't think this song is really a singer's song, but he did okay.  I agree wholeheartedly with Simon.    

09 Jesse Langseth, singing "Bette Davis Eyes" - I think this is a cool song for her voice.  I am maybe a little saddened because there was nothing new about her arrangement.  I think she's nice and she's got a good cool level.  (Thank you, Randy, for using the word "cool" - I wholeheartedly agree.) I love that she actually delved deeper into REAL feedback from the judges, without being sassy.

10  Kai Kalama, singing "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" - He's just not working it for me.  I dunno, he's never really reached my soul.  I think he's a nice guy and a pretty good singer, but it was just alright for me, dawg.  We could be friends, but I didn't like his particular brand of karaoke.  

11 Mishavonna Henson, singing "Drops of Jupiter" - Interesting song choice, I think.  She's got a pretty cool voice, too.  I kinda like what she did with her interesting song.  She's not one that has really reached my soul, either, but I liked it overall. 

12 Adam Lambert, singing "Satisfaction" - Pretty good hook, to start.  Still, not so much a singer's song, though I think he made the best of it because he has got some CHOPS.  It is so crazy to me how he can just scream away like that, but on pitch!  It's so surreal.  I think I like it. I think he shall forever be known to me as "Guyliner."  Okay, THANK YOU, Randy, with the Twilight reference (Edward, hi), and the perfect vocab word for his performance: manic!  And Kara, you're totally right.  

My votes tonight are for Kara and Randy.  But really, I'm going to actually call in and vote mostly for Allison.  Then Adam.  Then Matt Giraud, just because I know he's awesome.  

I'm tired!!


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

hahaha, I love the guyliner thing! :-) That shall forever be etched in my memory when I see him!

Jackie Sue said...

Such a good commentator...are you pleased with the actual results? I can't remember which guy actually made it in to the top 12...the other 2 you totally pegged. The dude with the eyeliner...what is his style anyway??? Is he straight or gay? Seriously....I just have to say that I'm glad my daughter did not bring him home :)