February 17, 2009

American Idol bandwagon - 36 Group 1

Okay I am forced to now blog about my American Idol thoughts. I'm a little frustrated after last week (hello? Tatiana?), and I'm even more frustrated right now at their thoughts for how we get to the Top 12. At first, I thought it was going to be a pretty neat new development. The top male and female voting earners in each of three groups of twelve these next three weeks...plus the next top earner in each group...and then a final three from a wildcard round. BUT - Y'all, Danny and Anoop are in the same group! And Michael-the-Roughneck! What is a girl to do? Carrying on...here goes nothing:

01 - Jackie Tohn, singing "Little Less Conversation" - First, let me say, Olivia Newton John much? Anyone else taken back to the end of Grease by her outfit? I thought she was entertaining, and not a horrible singer, but she didn't do much for me. I agree with the judges.

02 - Ricky Braddy, singing "Song For You" - Who is this kid and why haven't we seen him before? That boy can SANG. Once again, I agree with the judges, and especially Simon, that he won't make it through because he's not been featured enough. No "star quality." And I think I'm going to call him Ricky Bobby from here on out, because SHAKE & BAKE!

03 - Alexis Grace, singing "I Never Loved A Man" - she can sing, too. Maybe one of my favorite females so far. And I do love her pink tips in her hair.

04 - Brent Keith, singing "Hick Town" - There is possibly not another song tonight that seems to fit a contestant more. He is so cute (hello, dimples), but I'm not sure he can roll on past the other boys with that. Again, I do agree with the judges.

05 - Stevie Wright, singing "You Belong With Me" - Hm. Stevie. Bad song choice, I think, and weak vocals (which, don't hate me, but is characteristic of Taylor's songs). I think the nerves hit her HARD. And hello? -Is that Paula, making real, constructive criticism? Also, I'm totally proud of her for not crying on national television. Bravo, Stevie.

06 - Anoop Desai, singing "Angel of Mine" - I love his R&B singing, but I wish he had sung something a little more upbeat and BLOWN THE DOORS OFF. I think that boy can sing. And may I please just say that he totally doesn't look like he can sing? That's my favorite. I also love that he is so well-spoken. That's all.

07 - Casey Carlson, singing "Every Little Thing [S]he Does Is Magic" - I don't think it was as fun for me as she had hoped. I love the song, but I think she cheesed it up a little bit. She doesn't have the "cool" to sing The Police. All in all, it wasn't fantastic for me. Judges, we are of one mind this evening.

08 - Michael Sarver, singing "I Don't Wanna Be" - I like the words of this song for him. I do wish he had sung more of a singer's song. I think he had a couple of pitchy moments, which makes me very sad because I do love him so.

09 - Ann Marie Boskovich, singing "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" - C'mon, girl, if you're going to sing it, you've got to SING IT! I don't think she really worked it. But I could be friends with Ann Marie, I think. It's too bad since I don't think she'll be on the show much longer. Or really should be. I do love looking at her sitting next to Ryan. (: Love that shawty!

10 - Stephen Fowler, singing "Rock With You" - I do love some old school MJ...but I don't think he really hit it. It was a little boring in my opinion. I'm glad he admitted he wasn't yet comfortable singing without the piano, because it felt like it. It's too bad.

11 - Tatiana Del Toro, singing "Saving All My Love For You" - I just can't get past her personality. She's got some power to her voice, but it was a little pitchy in some parts. Overall, not too shabby but I want her gone. I'm sorry.

12 - Danny Gokey, singing "Hero" - My word I love his voice. Just a little bit of grit. Delightful, though I wasn't crazy about the song choice at first. And then, he kicked it! Thanks for that. Hello, my favorite.

Okay I think I might have to vote now. I will say this final thing: It drives me CRAZY when they boo Simon. Hello, general public? - Simon is almost ALWAYS RIGHT. That's all.

Thank you, and goodnight. (:

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Jackie Sue said...

So how is it that I have missed all your posts???? Well, Im all caught up and enjoyed them all. I am a little lost on Idol right now. thanks for explaining things to me :) I will look forward to tomorrows post...you make me laugh with your 25 things...funny girl. see ya...