November 4, 2008

Trent Monk is in the living room

So this all started for me back when I decided it would behoove BooMama and me to be BFFs. Thus began my quest to be as cool as her. (:

TONIGHT, ladies and gentlemen, Trent Monk played in my very own living room. I am beside myself with glee and I feel like a real grown-up person. He played some of my most favorite songs from his Monk & Neagle days..."Beautiful You," HELLO! He also played a new song from his upcoming solo album called "Me and You" - and it was great. In addition to those favorites, I laughed my boo-tay off when he covered Gnarls (with a G) Barkley's "Crazy" (which I call crazy AWESOME), and Outkast's "Hey Ya." L-O-stinkin-L. Anyway, it was delightful. I will now show you...some pictures.

We packed it out...

The gear. (Because yes, I find it interesting. You don't have to.) (:

Fun with gadgets!
Real musicians make out with their guitars.

Now, I love me some Robyn. It is all because of her that this night happened. She is livin' LARGE and TAKIN CHARGE!
And because I love you, my friend, this is for you - POUND IT:
Even though you can't see the sticker in this one, I like this face (still for you):

Oh, yeah.

Me, Danny, my sister Amanda, and Trent...welcome to my humble abode.

So that is my night of greatness. I might have to write about this a few more times since I tend to leave things out when I'm excited - OH! By the way, three girls came that NO ONE KNEW. They just saw it on the internet and then showed up at my front door and came in my house like everyone else. I thought they were my sister's friends...and welcomed them and introduced them to everyone...before my sister came in and then introduced herself to them - WHAT? So yeah. But overall, it was an AWESOME evening and I loved all of it. I pray huge blessings over Trent and if you get a chance to check him out, DO IT. You won't regret it.


3girlsmom said...

Ridiculously awesome.
Like freaking amazingly awesome.

You're my bff.

boomama said...


Tell Trent and Danny hi for me. Alex calls them "the boys." And adores them to pieces.

Jackie Sue said...

That is so totally fun! Wish I could've been there!!! I hate you!

3girlsmom said...

Oh, and check out Pam in the pic of everyone in the living room. Look at her face. Smiling and happy and SO PAM. I love her. Please tell her.

Jackie Sue said...

I tagged you...go to my blog to see why...