October 17, 2008

Week in review

In an effort to not have a post in which I list things, I thought I'd write about my week. To me it has felt busy, but I'm sure writing it all down will prove that it...wasn't. But here goes.

I can't even remember as far back as Monday. I'm sure it was just another manic day. That happens sometimes. I was not inspired to come up with a theme for Music Mondays, so here in my office we've taken a break this week. I'll be back on track next week.

Before I tell you about my Tuesday I should first explain for those of you who don't know that I have adopted myself into a Tallahassee family. And they're okay with it. One of my BFF's, Laura, has one of the best families ever. Every Sunday we have lunch with sisters, brothers-in-law, the most handsome nephews ever, Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Oh man these are good people. I do not think I can adequately express how I love them. Anyways...on Tuesday, my adopted dad had both of his knees replaced. Everyone else was at the hospital all day but I was stuck here at work because I forgot that I had a meeting at 3:00 that afternoon. So I got up there just in time to see him after he came out of recovery. And I'm happy to report that everything is as well as can be expected. It will be a long rehab, but the doctor actually called his old knees "hideous", so this will be far better in comparison.

Wednesdays are always pretty busy. Here's a fun story about this Wednesday: when I got out to my car to go to work in the morning, I discovered not only that it was unlocked, but that the contents of my purse, makeup bag, console, and glove compartment had been strewn all about my front seat(s). This caused me some concern because either I had become a messy sleepwalker, or someone had been in my car without my knowledge. It is even more mysterious because whoever this person is did not take ANYTHING except for one wallet (I have two) with only one credit card in it. He or she did not take my "real" wallet, my iPod, my camera, or the cash that was in my purse. So, yeah. Just enough to give a girl the CREEPS.
Then I went to work. Then for lunch we went up to the hospital to check on the Pops. He's still doing well, sitting in a chair and making jokes. I kinda love him.
Then I got a message from someone in town saying that he had found my wallet with my credit card. That was the only thing with my name on it, so I guess that's how he looked up my phone number. He found it on the side of the road on the street where I live while he was running on his lunch break. Things just keep getting weirder. Nothing was missing, and I went to pick it up.
Then like on most Wednesday nights I went up to the church to hang out with the youth choir. I found out that they are doing their summer choir mission tour in CHICAGO and I am already chaperone #1. It will be awesome.
Then we had praise team rehearsal, which is normally on Thursdays but we had to make an exception. Because you people care about that. (:
Then directly from rehearsal I went to gymnastics. It was kind of a low-key workout, but still fun. I love that stuff.

So Thursday. I took the morning off work so I could take my lovely dog to the vet. We had a nice visit and she did so well. They trimmed her nails, which made me really happy since she won't let me do it. She doesn't have any diseases, plus she's lost weight! We are a healthy, happy family.

After work and such I had to go up to the church for a little bit again to work on the media stuff for Sunday, but had to rush home in order to be there for FSU's football game! The Thursday night voo-doo never works well for us. I think I developed an ulcer during the first half, but we left NC State with a W! It was thrilling and since I was so hyped up and had recorded The Office episode during the game, I had to stay up and watch that, too. So awkward...but I love those guys. I'm glad Michael finally 1.) didn't listen to Jan and 2.) made a real move with Holly.

Tonight, I am excited because my friend Meagan and Caitlin are coming to town and staying with me, and I also get to babysit for my friend Amy's kid, who is pretty much the best baby ever.

Tomorrow is our mission blitz day with church, and as per my tradition I have signed up to do either 1.) roofing, 2.) carpentry, or 3.) painting. Every year it is the same. And every year the man who is in charge doesn't think that I have the capability to do roofing. And as of right now, no one has called me to let me know what I am doing. Tomorrow. Psh. So I'm thinking I'll show up and just go with the roofing crew no matter what. (:

Sunday always proves to be a good day, what with the church and an afternoon with my girls.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have nothing but love for you [both]. (:


3girlsmom said...

What a week.
1. Loves to Laura's dad. Good ole Leon with new knees.
2. Holler to skinny George. Scratch her on her head for me.
3. Loves to the praise team. Please "pound it" with all my peeps.
4. I would be a little (a lot) questionable about the man who "found" your credit card. You cancelled it, right? Is your number listed? How do you know he didn't get your phone number from your license in your other wallet? Just b/c things aren't physically gone doesn't mean someone didn't take numbers, personal info, etc. Please be a little more freaked out about this whole thing. It sounds really shady. Time for "naive Edub" to step aside and "smart, protect herself Edub" to step up. For real.
5. Go Noles.
6. Back to the wallet thing. I'm freaked. Be careful because I heart you. Like a ton.
7. Have fun roofing. Agreed on the "psh." Join a crew and go roof. I know you can do it.
8. Ok, back to the wallet thing one more time. O. My. Gosh. Please teach George to attack.

Luh jus.

lea said...

WHAT?!?!??!?!?! you are going to chi-town with ME?!?!?!?!? could my life get any better?!?!?!?!?!??! can you say ROOMIES?!?!??!?!

Jackie Sue said...

EDUB!!!! Hey girlfriend! It was so nice to hear from you. I have no time these days to blog...I've not done too well keeping up with my peeps either....glad to hear you are fine and sorry about the break in. Glad nothing important was stolen...take care and congrats on the Chicago trip! ttyl