September 8, 2008

THAT hardcore

I ripped my hand tonight at gymnastics.  

It was just a few swings on the bars, and BAM!  

Don't worry, bloggers, I'm not going to let it crush my hopes and dreams of the 2012 Olympics.  I've still got my game face on.  Now I just come equipped with some kickin' Band-Aids!  


3girlsmom said...

I TOLD you that you would do that!! GRIPS, my friend.
And I will go to London to see you in the 2012 Olympics. I will wear a shirt made out of an American Flag. I will paint my face red, white, & blue. I will hold up a sign that says "Gold for Edub."
I promise I will.

Jackie Sue said...

I'm going with Robyn! That would be amazing...what a comeback, friend...I mean what a gymnastic debut. I'm wondering if your kickin' bandaids have princesses on them...that's what my gals prefer and they most certainly use the word kickin' like every day.

3girlsmom said...

If JackieSue, you, and I go to London for the 2012 Olympics, that would be a rockin good time. We need to plan that anyway. Olympian or not.