July 21, 2008

Best Weekend Ever

I have wonderful friends in whom I just delight.  DELIGHT, people.  We love God, we love each other, and we love to have a good time just being.  With each other.  You can read more of these sentiments at one of these said friend's new blog.  I do not wish to repeat her words.  I only wish I could convey how much I love these people.  It is very sad to me that a lot of my favorites now live in different places.  It makes reunions like these bittersweet.  Caitlin, Meagan, and Jordan all came in town this weekend from their respective new towns.  Taylor is in town for the summer.  The rest of us just used them as an excuse to par-tay!  We are a group who loves to take pictures, and we did not disappoint ourselves.  I think I now have about 813,727 new photographs now.  Here are some of my favorites:

We like games.  We learned a new one (SIGNS), and it provided much laughter and gaiety.  I'm sitting with Jordan and Luke, mimicking Jordan's "sign".  

Jordan, mimicking Luke's sign.  Awesome.

Luke with Meagan's sign.

Fun times after dinner...#1


#3, for reals

Where would I be as a gymnast without Meagan's guidance and support?

Right about...here.

I love the dancing !

Me and my boys of summer, Taylor and Jarrod:

So there you have it.  Just a little taste of the glory.  I miss all those moments!  I love the summertime.  In Jesus' Name we pray, amen.


3girlsmom said...

And I'M loving your cute green shirt!!! Love it!

3girlsmom said...

O. My. Goodness.
Please read Pioneer Woman today. She calls herself P-Dub. I think you are related or something!!! C-razy.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!! I was just checking out some of my fellow siesta's pages :) Have a blessed day!!