December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I would like for everyone to have a very Merry Christmas!

Also, please notice that I have an awesome boyfriend who surprised me with a re-designed blog. Is he spectacular or what? Thanks, TP. (:


3girlsmom said...

AWESOME blog design! Kudos, Taylor.
Merry Christmas to you, my friend. Hope you enjoyed your argyle snowflake. Only for you.

lea said...

love the new design. hate that i haven't seen you in like FOREVER!

Jackie Sue said...

Love it..oh, I mean it is so ugly and shockingly uncool! Ok, so I sorta like totally talked your ear off the other night...I always love to pick the brain of "young folks". :) Hope you had a Merry Christmas and I loved seeing you. What cha reading these days???