May 21, 2008

I wish it was last weekend

Work is still crazy.  Y'all got to pray for me.  Praise the Living Lord Jesus, He is strong enough to hold me together.  Otherwise...I don't know.  

Anyways, let's get down to the nitty gritty...this past weekend was SO MUCH FUN.  My friends Emily and Mike got married, and they are so good together.  I wholeheartedly support their marriage.  It was such a beautiful ceremony.  Everyone looked so good, and (since I'm a music nerd), the music was AWESOME.  My friend RJ sang Dave Barnes' "I Have And Always Will" with Justin playing the gui-tar, plus my girls Laura and Meagan sang Avalon's version of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" with Ashley Rae playing the piano.  I could've cried through the whole thing.  Not only because great is Thy faithfulness, but because I always want to cry at weddings!  Anyway, it was happy.  It was like a wonderful reunion of so many old friends and co-workers.  It was just so nice having friends again!  Then, there was the reception:

Oh my word, I miss these girls so much (except for Laura, who still lives here).  I'll have to post a video of the little one's famous "switch kick"; she packs a punch in that 4'11".  (:
L to R: Laura, me, Meagan, Caitlin, and Stacy

Jarrod and his dates

Same fabric.  Different shoes.  Different brands.  But all coming together in our feet.  
p.s. I need a pedicure.    

Dresses, pockets, and cake to go for Jessica and me.  In Jesus' Name we pray, AMEN.  

We stayed until the very last second because we just couldn't bear to part ways again...but THEN...dinner and the after party:

These boys make me laugh so much!  
Taylor & Jarrod

This is what "Dancing With The Stars" does to a relationship--
Adam and Stacy doing their lifts!

No after party is complete without a performance to the "Wicked" soundtrack by the new best friends, Jarrod and Jessica.

They're just nice to be around.  

So there's a little bit of my life in pictures.  I wish I could post more but I'm just tired now.  I've been sick for a few days and I'm on my way to get some nice rest!  
A couple of things I'm looking forward to:
1.) The feel of my head on my favorite pillow.
2.) Seeing my dog tomorrow.
3.) The end of the work day Friday.
4.) A Sunday without a looming Monday.  

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so funny you left the comment about Twilight...I felt weird leaving it on her must read, but come on, it's great!